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Custom Order for Marcia

Custom Order for Marcia

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Custom Doctor Who Circlet for Marcia 


Tennant side inclusions

-Mahogany Obsidian
-Sapphire or Blue Tourmaline -Harlequin (Hematoid) Quartz accents

- Charms

Daleks, master, weeping angels, silver rose, silver stethoscope, silver high heal, pocket watch, Tennant’s shoe, space shape, and sonic screwdriver. 

Smith side inclusions

-Matt smith side will be the tie side of the circlet. One side of the ribbon will be a wine or ruby red while the other will be a navy blue
As a detachable charm for the middle of the tie I would like this 1.6 scale of rivers notebook

-Silver Sheen Obsidian
-Tigers Eye
-Sapphire or Sodalite and Garnet accents

- Charms 

Daleks, weeping angels, space suit with a gun, baby, black cube, pie, bow tie, Gallifrey, time vortex, and Tardis. 


- A mock-up of this design will be sent to the purchaser for further approval.

- Once the approval is made, the crown will be created and shipped out ASAP.

- Approximately 6 inches wide, 5.5 inches in length, and 2-3 inches in height.

- Buyer will receive crown seen in photos (if applicable).

- All custom crowns will take 6-8 weeks to complete and then ship out.

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