Located in the sleepy seaside forests of Cape Cod, MA, there lies a humble kingdom nestled between sweet-smelling pine and oak trees, sunset glazed lakes, and salty Atlantic sea beaches. Lovingly named Mystic Myne Designs, this kingdom has been known to create magical trinkets of all kinds with the power of crystals. Since 2016, MM has crafted thousands of handmade pieces - from staple crystal crowns and combs, to wands, and fairy wings, to embellished items of all sorts - you’ll never know what exactly you’ll find listed in the shop! As many who have followed this kingdom know very well, new things seem to pop up seemingly overnight all the time - so there’s always an element of surprise.
   Mystic Myne Designs specializes also in creating custom pieces for clients. In need of a waterproof mermaid crown? Perhaps a set of angel wings? An entirely embellished dress or pair of shoes? Whatever the case may be, we take pride in being able to make your dreams comes true!
   Our inclusivity is also something we take the utmost pride in, as our clients are all different shapes, sizes, colors, and magical backgrounds. No matter if you’re a fairy, vampire, mermaid, witch, etc, Mystic Myne Designs has something for everyone and will continue to strive towards ensuring that all creatures know that they are beautiful, powerful, loved and brave in our eyes.
   Thank you so much for being a part of the fairytale!!! 

With love, always,

-Queen Kitty