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The Amethyst-Citrine Witch Crystal Crown

The Amethyst-Citrine Witch Crystal Crown

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The Amethyst-Citrine Witch Crystal Crown is designed with chevron amethyst crystals and citrine crystals strung on a gold headband with gold wire.

- Amethyst crystals symbolize magic, intuition, grounding, inner peace, spiritual awakening, serenity, and truth.

- Citrine crystals symbolize bringing abundance and wealth into one’s life, prosperity, vitality, clarity, protection, and is known as the stone of luck. It also symbolizes healing, and is worked with as a calming crystal for the mind and body.

- Approximately 6 inches wide, 5.5 inches in length, and 2-3 inches in height.

- Buyer will receive crown similar to that seen in the photos.

- All photos belong to Mystic Myne or alternatively, Mystic Myne Designs. The utilization of these photos without the permission of the aforementioned parties will be committing copywrite infringement.

- The crown has an adhesive backing painted gold to blend in with the gold wire and headband used. The backing adds a protective layer between the wearer's hair and the wire utilized to craft the crown.

- Shipping times will vary. Once an order is processed, it will take 1-3 weeks AFTER processing for an item to be created and then ready to ship.

- Looking to have a custom crown created with specific crystals in mind? You can send me a message with desired design details, and we can get creating!

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