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Mystic Myne Designs

The Dream Worker Crystal Crown

The Dream Worker Crystal Crown

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The Dream Worker Witch Crystal Crown is designed with polished clear quartz, polished citrine, sodalite, and amethyst crystals strung on a silver headband with silver wire.

- Clear quartz symbolizes peace, serenity, protection, and healing.
- Citrine crystals symbolize abundance, wealth, prosperity, vitality, clarity, protection, and is known as a lucky stone. It also symbolizes healing and is worked with as a calming crystal for the mind and body.
- Sodalite crystals symbolize harmony, loyalty, self-confidence, communication, and authenticity.
- Amethyst crystals symbolize magic, intuition, grounding, inner peace, spiritual awakening, serenity, and truth.

- The crown has an adhesive backing painted silver to blend in with the silver wire and headband used. The backing adds a protective layer between the wearer's hair and the wire utilized to craft the crown.

- Approximately 6 inches wide, 5.5 inches in length, and 2-3 inches in height.

- Buyer will receive crown similar to that seen in the photos.

- All photos belong to Mystic Myne or alternatively, Mystic Myne Designs. The utilization of these photos without the permission of the aforementioned parties will be committing copywrite infringement.

- Shipping times will vary. Once an order is processed, it will take 1-3 weeks AFTER processing for an item to be created and then ready to ship.

- Looking to have a custom crown created with specific crystals in mind? You can send me a message with desired design details, and we can get creating!

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